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I am a mother, artist, and clutter curator. I was drawn to photography as a middle schooler, seeing macro photography in the pages of National Geographic and wanting desperately to recreate it, to get so close to something that you can study it scientifically and to see it intimately in a way few take the time to examine. I remember feeling confident that I too could make photographs like that. I wandered into my backyard with a simple point and shoot, and getting a close as I could to the honeysuckle, the boxwood, and ivy, I clicked away.  I was so excited to get the film back but was instantly disappointed at the blur staring back at me. My mom, recognizing my passion, interest and disappointment, bought me my first “real” camera - a used Pentax SLR. Mothers are the best at that- nourishing curiosity and allowing exploration. I was hooked from that moment.  I feel that since becoming a mother myself, our kids have become my creative muse.  

As for my style, I specialize in natural light, documentary-style family narratives. I love in-home story sessions as much as I enjoy going on adventures with your family to capture love in the ordinary moments. I shoot both in digital and on film, with a special love for instant film. I live with my husband and two young kiddos among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains and am available for sessions throughout the Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay and the Penninsula. I am also available for a limited number of on-location sessions each summer at locations TBD.  

I am on a mission to more fully explore the melding of motherhood with my passion for the environment and creativity. Previously, I managed the exhibitions and galleries for the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University, directed programming for the Urban Arts Space in Columbus, OH, and built houses in Mississippi, California and Honduras.  I hold an MA in Arts Policy & Administration from the Ohio State University and a BA in Anthropology from Wake Forest University.  

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