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Lassen Volcanic NP - day one

We made it to our campground by the afternoon and set up camp.  There were no other campers in the immediate surrounding sites so it was nice and quiet. Also discovered there was no cell service anywhere when buying firewood. Tried the payphone but you had to have a calling card (which of course they didn't sell at the camper store...) After being frustrated that I couldn't call J - I was pleased to have the opportunity to be truly unplugged for these few days. We finished setting up camp, had a snack,  and we set off on the trail to Manzanita Lake - an easy 1.8mile loop adjacent to our site.  It was stunning.  We spotted a bald eagle, baby geese, lots of flying insects (and fish jumping for them) and a lucky ladybug.  We went back to camp for dinner, s'mores and pjs but then were too excited for bed, so we decided to return to the lake to watch the sunset.  Definitely worth it!  As the kids looked at books while huddled in their sleeping bags, I studied the maps and decided on a hike for the day two - Paradise Meadows sounded just right.

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