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Newts with neighbors.

Yesterday afternoon, the kids wanted to play outside with some friends from up the street.  Luckily we live on a safe cul-de-sac in the woods, with some awesome neighbors. After about 15 minutes of listening to their happy laughter and squeals from inside, I decided to head out with my camera to capture some playtime. I came upon the gaggle of kids (7 in total, ranging from kinder to 6th grade) jumping on the neighbor's trampoline (thanks diane!) and collecting newts from the pond.  I quietly joined in, trying not to be obtrusive, asking curiously about their knowledge of newts.  After watching them find and fondle 15 or so of the squirmy little dudes, I gently made sure that they were aware that the California newt is toxic to humans.  And reminded them not to lick them and we washed our hands well after - ha!  I LOVED watching them be carefree and curious in nature.  "How do you know if its a boy or a girl?" "I wonder if they are babies or adults?" "Look, some are darker brown and some are more orange" I played participant-observer to this playtime and hope these little scientists continue to build their knowledge and wonder.  Oh, and how could I forget, they topped off the fun with blueberry smoothies made by the 6th grader to avoid doing his homework. Can't wait to see how much fun these friends have over the summer! 

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